Bravo's Innovation


Unique Design
Our Dual Action Tilt n Turn Window and Doors, Double Glazed Glass and Multi Point Locking system provides the strength, versatility and striking style demanded by customers. Our high performance materials and time proven systems combine Functionality and Style. 

We have partnerships with Leading Windows Manufactures with German Certified staff and REHAU so Bravo Windows n Doors is able to utilize the best materials and knowledge of the top European Companies in the industry. Our windows and doors are manufactured to show the advanced technology developed in Europe over 50 years ago. Bravo’s products offer superior solutions and innovations to solve the many challenges, which a good window or door must conquer to protect you and your home.

Through new advanced science REHAU has developed a uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) window and door system that outlasts the competition with exceptional durability and weather resistance. With REHAU’s multi-point locking system, Bravo’s products meet or exceed the highest European and North American performance standards.  

Our products offer outstanding water resistance, air tightness and thermal efficiency. Our durable and attractive products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions:
-High humidity
-Salty ocean air
-Smog polluted air
-Wind driven rain
-Extreme temperatures
-Even Hurricane force winds

Our conscious customers realize that their home should not be compromised with cheap unsightly windows or doors. The value of our robust and resilient products speak volumes as they make a elegant first impression and achieve long lasting architectural harmony.

- Our High Impact unplasticized PVC extrusions feature multi chamber profiles with steel reinforcement and fully pressure equalization, which are manufactured to the high performance demands of today and tomorrow.
- Our integrated system of windows and doors are equipped with versatile multi point locking hardware. They provide easy single handle tilt and turn operation without sacrificing safety. With our multipurpose system we can offer many glazing options and exterior finishes giving a modernized look and feel.  
- Exclusively to Bravo Windows are built in retractable screens by Bravo Screens. The unique feature of the retractable screen is that it will NOT SLAM something the competition does not offer. Also the screen enhances your tilt n turn experience as fresh air can rejuvenate a room while keeping those pesky insects OUT. We also offer another feature that the completion cannot and that is built-in windows shades that are a part of your window or door. These shades are exclusive for Tilt n Turn windows and doors but can make any skylight, window or door unique and distinct. Bravo is pioneering the industry with new advancements in innovation and technology for today and tomorrow. Our products will always impress and keep your views pure and clear.

A variety of factors make windows and doors more energy-efficient

The way the frame and sash are engineered and manufactured, type of glass used (single-, double-, or triple-paned), use of Low-emissivity ("Low-E") coating, presence of argon or krypton gas-filled insulated glass (IG), environment/climate conditions, home construction style, and pre-existing windows all contribute to a product's energy-saving capabilities. And with the ever-increasing cost to heat and cool your home, you can't afford not to choose the most energy-efficient windows and doors