Bravo Difference

Bravo has thought and engineered their products to mesh your world seamlessly with the outside. In order to achieve an artistic beauty and sophisticated functionality we believe that your windows and doors need a few main components…

•  Security – Nothing is more important than your family's security, whether it is your business, home or personal attachments we aim to keep it safe. How you ask? Our entire product line features a Multi-point locking System that secures the sash and frame making it impenetrable by intruders. Pair this system with laminated safety glass and you have security comparable to an armored vehicle. We know that you would do anything in your power to keep your family protected so why not do it style and functionality with Bravo's Windows n Doors.

•  Views – That's what windows are all about your view into a world outside your home. With a clear outlook on the beauty and harmony of nature comes the purity of the Sun. Sunlight is essential for a healthy lifestyle as it helps us grow but can also cause damage to our beloved furniture carpet and interiors. Bravo has thought of such problems and offers many solutions for example different glass options and window treatments that can control the sun while still enabling its radiance into you home. Our sister company Bravo Window Fashion has even more information on how to control light, heat, privacy and even your view.

•  Air Flow – A vital part of life as we embrace the importance of fresh clean air circulation. Our Tilt n Turn windows and doors are a perfect match for you as they offer a tilt-in feature making ventilation simple or even rapid circulation by opening fully. Here at Bravo we acknowledge the risks of open ventilation, which can range from pesky airborne bugs to dangerous viruses like West Nile. To protect your family while still achieving healthy ventilation our products are fitted with “built-in” retractable screens that will not slam when opened but retract back smoothly. We feature these innovative screens on all our products with help form Bravos Screens a leader in retractable screens.

•  Style – Your windows and doors should reflect who you are, as people will see through them first. Bravo's products have simple beauty and European style that will add sophistication to any home or building. With chic window treatments functional screens and a flare all its own, Bravo can be the difference from an attractive home to a truly captivating/alluring/striking home.